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Dr. phil. Stefan Ladwig
Manager Research Area
Traffic Psychology & Acceptance
+49 241 80 23888


Innovation driver for sustainable and future-oriented mobility

The E-Jet research vehicle is an innovative example of alternative mobility concepts for the future and was initially funded as a concept study by the Hans Hermann Voss-Foundation. In the conceptual space …


BEV Goes eHighway


At the beginning of January 2022, the project "BEV Goes eHighway - BEE" was launched. The aim of the project is to further develop overhead line technology for heavy-duty road transport in order to establish …



Empathic human-machine interaction for increasing acceptance of automated driving

A central prerequisite for the successful market launch of partially, highly and fully automated driving functions is, in addition to the technical implementation, acceptance by potential users. Two decisive …


BüLaMo Münsterland

Joint project citizen lab for a mobile Münsterland

The BüLaMo project (joint project "Bürgerlabor Mobiles Münsterland") aims to increase the use of public transport services in the Münsterland. Since a real mobility alternative to the private car has …


SET Level

Simulation based development and testing of automated driving

The project SET Level addresses the simulation-based development and testing of Level 4 and 5 vehicles for urban areas. Numerical simulation methods will be further developed and new mechanisms for model …



Piloting Automated Driving on European Roads

The L3Pilot project investigates how automated driving can be implemented as a safe and efficient means of transportation and what effects arise from the introduction of automated vehicles. The focus is …



Measures for Behaving Safely in Traffic

MeBeSafe is a H2020 RIA project, granted by the European Commission and coordinated by the Institute for Automotive Engineering (ika). The consortium is comprised of 15 partners including automotive OEMs …



ADVancing user acceptance of general purpose hybridized Vehicles by Improved Cost and Efficiency

In the light of climate change and global warming the European Union tries to decrease the CO2 emissions of passenger cars by setting respective limits. Therefore the automotive industry extends its portfolio …


Evaluation Of Active Sidesticks As Alternative Controls In Real Traffic

Most vehicles are laterally controlled by means of a steering wheel. The users are trained and are used to them, because it is the standard control element in vehicles today. Historically, the manual turning …


Systemergonomics for cooperative interacting vehicles

Systemergonomics for cooperative interacting vehicles: Transparency of automation behaviour and intervention possibilities of the human during normal operation, at system limits and during system failure

This research project within the focus program 'cooperatively interacting vehicles' addresses the ergonomics and human factor aspects of automated vehicles. It bridges the gap between fully, highly and …


Relevance of compensative driver strategies in the context of highly automated driving functions

In the past, it has been possible to allocate evidence that drivers apply behavioral patterns referred to as compensative driver strategies in manual driving scenarios. Following existing study results, …



Supporting the driver in conserving energy and reducing emissions

Motivation Within the scope of the joint research project “ecoDriver”, funded by the European Commission, the Institut für Kraftfahrzeuge (ika) of the RWTH Aachen University investigates an improved …



Accident Avoidance by Active Intervention for Intelligent Vehicles

The objective of the European research project interactIVe (accident avoidance by active intervention for Intelligent Vehicles) is to get a step closer to the vision of an accident-free traffic by developing …



Growing Older, stAying mobiLe: Transport Needs for an Ageing Society

Current prognoses show an increase of people older than 65 years in Europe from 17.1 % to 30 % of the population. This trend equals a rise from 84.6 million persons in 2008 to 151.5 million in 2060. Similarly, …


e performance

Holistic development approach of an electric vehicle

In October 2009 the research project „e performance“ started, that followed a holistic development approach towards electric mobility. The cooperating partners in the project were the Audi AG …



EUROPEAN LARGE-SCALE FIELD Operational Tests on In-Vehicle Systems

Road safety, energy efficiency and traffic congestion are the main challenges facing European transportation according to the Intelligent Car Initiative (ICI), launched by the European Commission in 2006. …



Institute for Automotive Engineering
RWTH Aachen University
Steinbachstraße 7
52074 Aachen · Germany

+49 241 80 25600

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