Vehicle Dynamics & Acoustics

Both users and observers experience vehicles based on their attributes. The most important aspects for vehicle occupants are vehicle safety, comfort and an emotional driving experience. In addition to these aspects, the research area Vehicle Dynamics & Acoustics also investigates the effects of vehicles on their environment through noise emissions and tire wear. The research work can be divided into three main areas: tire properties, chassis functions and acoustics.

Tire Characteristics

One focus of research is the realistic description of tire properties such as handling, vibration and stiffness. A large number of self-developed test rigs are available for this purpose. The data obtained are used to parameterize commercial tire simulation models as well as the institute's own model "TIMIS". The interdisciplinary advancement of these models is in the center of our attention, so that also topics like rolling noise, tire-road-interaction or wear mechanics are investigated.

Chassis Functions

In addition, the research area focuses on a wide range of chassis related topics. In parallel to the design and implementation of innovative suspension and steering concepts for passenger and commercial vehicles, function development takes on a decisive role. By enhancing existing vehicle dynamics control systems or developing completely new safety or dynamics functions, we are shaping the vehicle behavior of the future. Our extensive test bench portfolio and our own test track enable short development cycles that are close to the vehicle.


The third focus - acoustics as a vehicle attribute - is complex due to the different perspectives of users and residents. Noise and vibration are directly responsible for comfort, emotion, perceptibility and noise pollution and are also related to the public perception of a brand and the purchase decision. In order to consider the entire noise effect chain in the vehicle development process, we offer holistic methods with appropriate measurement and simulation-based approaches for every challenge, from the fundamental design of new concepts to problem solving on existing vehicles.

Current Projects

Digital twin road

The chassis as data source for the digital twin of the road system

In the Collaborative Research Centre 339 "Digital Twin of the Road System" of the German Research Foundation (DFG), various institutes of RWTH Aachen University and TU Dresden are conducting research on …



Brown coal areas as attactive living areas using road noise simulation based on existing traffic data for noise minimisation

Traffic noise is an important factor for the design of pleasant living spaces. Perception-based prediction of noise exposure in urban, development and traffic planning offers great potential, but is not …



Development of test methods for electrified heavy-duty powertrains based on multiphysics hardware-in-the-loop test benches

One focus of the eTestHiL research project is to explore the possibilities of purpose design in the development of electric drives for heavy commercial vehicles (HDV). For this purpose, the eTestHiL starts …



L-vehicles Emissions and Noise mitigation Solutions

Development of an On-Board System to Detect Noise Emissions Populous urban areas and several rural areas are affected by immense pollution and noise due to high traffic volumes. Human health and the environment …



Development and production processes of vibro-acoustic metamaterials for lightweight vehicle construction

In vehicle development, the demands for energy efficiency through weight reduction conflict with the desire for high noise and vibration comfort. This conflict is particularly evident in electrified vehicles. …



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Vehicle Dynamics & Acoustics
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