Bicycle Simulator

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Nicolas Wagener M.Sc.
Group Leader Simulation
+49 241 80 25627

Fields of application

  • Behavioral analysis of bicyclists
  • Parameterization of bicycle driver models
  • Exterior HMI usability and acceptance
  • Studies on (non-verbal) communication between the pedestrian and other road users
  • Recording of bicycle motion data
  • Demonstration of not yet validated or incomplete systems

Optional measurement technology

  • Live co-simulation with macroscopic or microscopic simulations, with driving simulators, with a pedestrian simulator or real vehicles.
  • Eyetracking system for gaze capture

Technical data

  • Virtual reality or 220° front projection
  • VR tracker to capture the steering angle
  • Longitudinal motion simulation accounting for gradient, rolling and air resistance
  • Mechanical integration of front and rear brakes
  • Velocity matching headwind simulation
  • Visually simulated roll angle
  • Adaptable virtual environments
  • Procedural generated environment from real geo data
  • Integrated in the modular 3D-simulation framework VERITAS
  • Full adaptability of the simulation to the experiment
  • Many years of experience


Institute for Automotive Engineering (ika)
RWTH Aachen University

Steinbachstraße 7
52074 Aachen · Germany

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